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Postby orcdoubleax » Mon Jan 20, 2014 1:51 pm

So I bought one.

Very nice piece of gear so far. However I am still digging into what she can do.
One thing that stands out is how fast she is downloading stuff. I am not sure why this is since it is still the same internet connection, but she is certainly making better use of it then the PS3 did.
The interface overall is an improvement, but I have had to search for a few things that were not where I expected them to be. The controller is nice, but the games that so far are making use of the touch pad don't really need it.

After much debate between killzone, battlefield and assassins creed I picked up killzone to hold me over until Dying light, Division, and some other games hit. If I realized that killzone was the one game that needed PS PLus for online play I would have gotten something else. That said the game seams fantastic and a welcome change from CoD. it is nice to be a noob again even if my kill death is .34 at the moment.
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