Encounter 49: The Librarian

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Re: Encounter 49: The Librarian

Postby wineandcheese » Thu Jan 12, 2017 6:30 pm

Round Sixteen!

Initiative Order R16

The Clergymen
Dark Knights
Men in White

The barbarian swings his hammer wildly,
crashing against the knights large shields.


Mehesh provides support from the doorway,
taking down one of the knights attacking
DK 11 is Slain!

The Fighter fires two arrows at one of the
knights fighting the barbarian. The first
arrow bounces off the knights plate mail,
but the second is a perfect shot! The arrow
pierces the soldiers armpit.

crit hit!

DK 12 takes 13 points of piercing damage!

Winch shouts out to Maul;
"Rally to me, if you can!"

Dark Knights
The group of four knights advancing on Winch
and Meheshes position set up a shield wall
while the back row fires with heavy crossbows.
Both of the heavy bolts miss the two as they duck
in behind the doorway to the study.

The knights surrounding Maul attack with vigour!
They hack at the barbarian as he spins around
trying to whack them with his mallet. The knights
attacks cut deep into the Half-Orcs scarred flesh.
16 damage is halved by the barbarians rage.

Maul takes 8 points of slashing damage!

The Man in White

The man in white hides behind the row of knights,
blessing their bolts by touching them with one hand
and gesturing lines in the air with the other, mumbling
a hymn in some arcane tongue.
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Re: Encounter 49: The Librarian

Postby wineandcheese » Fri Jan 20, 2017 8:50 pm


Maul breaks free from the group surrounding him
and charges the group standing between him and
the doorway. Crashing into the men behind the
shieldwall, the barbarian drags two men to the
ground with him as he jumps into the midst of
the group. Mehesh stands in the doorway
providing cover fire as Winch slits his actions
between firing his bow or running into melee
with the men from the shield wall.

As Maul breaks through the line, Winch climbs
up onto his back. From atop the barbarians
shoulders the fighter throws handaxes at the
dark knights and feeds healing potions to Maul.

From up in the doorway, Mehesh spots Belderan
running across the Library floor. Dressed head
to toe in white, it would seem that their old
friend has been spending some time behind enemy
lines here in the Cathedral. Belderan dashes up
to the balcony as the battle rages on. Keeping
up appearances, Belderan casts healing spells
upon the dark knights at the request of the
other man in white. Convincing the man that
Maldronean has ordered the men captured alive
for questioning, Belderan drags the party into
Brother Quixotyls study where he quickly brings
the party up to date regarding the activities of
Maldronean and his congregation.

Maldronean has taken control of the city, shutting
the gates and declaring a state of emergency.
He currently operates under the guise of protecting
the survivors of the city as well as looking for a
cure to the epidemic, when in fact he has been
turning the townsfolk into undead and uses the
research to create stronger more powerful zombies.
During his exhaustive research, Maldronean has found
the cause of the plague. A small magical device created
by a necromancer holds the key to controlling the
creatures. Maldronean does not yet possess this device,
though all of his efforts lie in acquiring it. Once he has
the device he plans on using his undead army to conquer
the north before making his move on the cities to the

The group climbs to the next level, where they scurry
along the wall of the Cathedral. Following Belderans
lead, the party chases the Cleric through the Cathedrals
winding halls and stairways to an exit onto the street
below. The streets surrounding the Cathedral are now
thick with mobs of undead who have been drawn to
the loud ringing of the church bells. Belderan shares
with the group a salve which can ward off the undead
creatures for a short time. The party says goodbye to
their friend, opting to leave a man on the inside as they
go for help. They plan to remain in contact by way of
letters sent to Sildar.

The Story Continues Here:
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