Encounter 55: Bloated Sewer Corpse

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Encounter 55: Bloated Sewer Corpse

Postby wineandcheese » Fri Sep 29, 2017 10:06 am

16 Maul
15 Mehesh
14 Zombie
8 Winch

The slurping stops as the light from Winches mace lights
up a set of eyes that turn to face the group as you approach.

A large bloated zombie bears his teeth and begins running
towards you!

Round 1!

R1: Maul
The barbarian runs up to the zombie and slams his hammer
into the side of the creature. A loud pop is followed by the
splashing sound of a trail of entrails being painted across the
tunnel walls. The zombie deflates back to a normal size.

the zombie takes 10 damage!

R1: Mehesh
Mehesh takes aim and fires an arrow at the Zombie.
The arrow slides through the slimy creatures head,
dropping it to the ground.

The bloated zombie is Slain!
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