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Postby lonewolf » Thu Jul 13, 2017 8:09 pm

(Addressed to Harca Feormead, of Stoneford in the Weather Hills)


Much has happened since I last saw you in the winter. I hope that you are well and that the summer in Stoneford has been kind.
I have stories that I will share when next I see you, for they are strange and long. But I am safe and well, though I have lost true friends and mourn them each day. The tides of war shift and carry us along, and we may even play our small parts.
I find myself in a peaceful place and vested with a modest treasure, and have set myself to build a home far south of you in the Angle, near Elnost and its bright tower. Near Elnost, and yet out in the countryside, for you know my affliction and why I may not easily dwell in the city. All will be safe, I promise it. My comrades all know of it, for they must, but they are true and will not reveal it.
This is a green and rich country, and the folk here are good. My greatest wish is for you to travel south and dwell here too, when our home is completed. You know well the Weather Hills are no fit place to live. As of yet, our homestead is but a dream, but the land is being cleared as I write. If you wish it, I will travel northwest in the autumn to bring you back with me. Please write again to me, and let me know your wish. Will you bring the beasts, and our small family treasures? I can bring a wagon, or send one.
Have you had tidings of Father? I have had none since winter, but I believe truly he still lives. We have a unique blood bond, Father and I, and I would know if ill had befallen him, I am sure of it. Nevertheless. I worry.
Keep well.
Your daughter,
Eowa Tor
Brown Mold
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