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Re: The Unofficial Story so Far

Postby 3Dayrise » Sat Nov 18, 2017 5:23 pm

Placeholder for Session 36. Oct 14, 2017
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Re: The Unofficial Story so Far

Postby 3Dayrise » Sat Nov 18, 2017 5:26 pm

Session 36. Oct 14, 2017 Chez Kayahan. Potluck
To be entered later.

Session 37. Nov 11, 2017, chez Kayahan. All in attendance plus new member, José.

We return to Elnost with Aeryth, and task some Otari to take her to the House of Healing in Dispar. We don’t take her ourselves as there is a stranger waiting to see us. A white-haired southerner, covered in scars and speaking openly of magic, Ezras Asashan. He seeks us out for our connection to Maes Foul. [hopefully we’ll see Ezras’ background story posted soon]. Among other things, Ezras speaks of dire portents in his dreams, a Dark Shadow rising up from an alter and spreading to cover the valley.

As we are finishing our discussions with Ezras, another visitor arrives, a bare chested Hillman, Brogha! He has swum the river to get here to see us. He is rather excited and seems somewhat high, but he is here to enlist our aid for an action he is about to undertake. He wants us to provide him steel weapons, in return for food and assurance of peace for the next two raiding seasons. We assume he will assault Cameth Brin, though he does not say so outright. He alludes that it might also to be impress Wilda, though again, perhaps we are just making assumptions.

We promise to discuss it, and will meet him in 2 days with our response, after we have had a chance to speak with Nadia. Amongst ourselves, there is remarkable agreement to accept the offer, though our reasons for accepting are varied. Mord sees the economic opportunity, Skagge sees little risk for much gain, and Eowa is glad of the security additional food will bring. Ezras, having only just met us, offers no opinion.

Next morning, the Dunedain Lord, Indalor Halfans, approaches Aeryth in her hospital bed to offer his skills as an Administrator of the Angle. She promises to discuss it with her companions, which she does when we arrive. We tell her of Brogha and introduce her to Ezras. Ezras uses his magic to heal Aeryth. Sister Elyandris disproves of Aeyrth leaving the hospice but Aeryth joins us anyway. She has a horrible scar on her neck, but it doing well considering she was mostly dead just the previous day.

We go to see Nadia at the Golden Island but are intercepted by Halleor in the common room. He is particularly interested in speaking with Ezras. Halleor seems to recognizes Ezras, though Ezras does not know Halleor. We are concerned Halleor will learn of our dealings with Brogha, so make efforts to prevent Ezras speaking with him. Halleor works a charm on Ezras, making him believe he is a friend, so Eowa grabs Ezras and takes him outside while Skagge forces his brother to have a drink with him. Aeryth and Mord take the opportunity to meet with Nadia in her rooms. Nadia is looking unwell. She agrees to making a trade with Brogha, and tells us to make it happen. She mentions she is soon to set out for a 3-day reconnaissance of the surrounding farms in preparation of further resettlement of the Northrons from Dispar.

Mord and Aeryth return to the common room about the same time as Eowa and Ezras return. Halleor continues to insist on speaking alone with Ezras, so Skagge picks a fight with him, striking him in the face, while the others watch on, telling Ezras to ignore proceedings; the brothers do this all the time. Ezras decides to help his good friend Halleor and begins a spell which Aeryth fails to interrupt. Meanwile, Halleor has charmed Skagge into believing they are besties, but Ezras’ sleep spell catches Skagge unawares and he collapses to the floor in a slumber. Aeryth takes offense and strikes Halleor in the ribs, while Eowa and Mord continue to merely watch. Ezras comes to Halleor’s defence again, knocking Aeryth into dreamland just as she was expressing her newfound appreciation of Halleor’s great friendship.

Mord threatens Halleor with his war hammer, so Halleor backs off. He invites Ezras to come lunch with him later in the day, which Ezras happily accepts. Mord and Eowa wake up the two sleepers, and take them to the Grey Fox to try and get them back to their senses. Meanwhile, Aeryth, Skagge and Ezras discuss how AWESOME Halleor is! Mord and Eowa see no way to snap their companions back to reason, so eventually decide to just let them go to lunch with Halleor, and merely accompany them as chaperones.

Back at the Golden Island, Halleor was clearly expecting to be entertaining one lunch guest. He grudgingly allows the rest to stay, under the wary gaze of 6 attendant Northron bodyguards. Mord and Eowa briefly consider fighting, but Eowa was unwilling to risk bloodshed just one day before the full moon. Eowa leaves before any shenanigans can start, intent of getting to Tor Hall where she can remain safely caged until the full moon is past. Mord resigns himself to observing proceedings. Halleor interrogates Ezras, but he is primarily interested in Ezras’ dreams, he hardly cares about Brogha or any of our other plans. Halleor even suggests he has had similar dreams.

After lunch, and still feeling warm and fuzzy about Halleor, we split up. Aeryth goes to Indalor to accept his offer, the rest of us return to Elnost. Ezras and Skagge futilely try to make sense of Elesander’s notes regarding the food stores. Mord goes back to bed, still recovering from the orc ambush.

Eowa returns the next day, looking dishevelled and unrested, but claims she didn’t savage any locals in the night. Aeryth and Skagge have come to their senses, realizing exactly what Halleor has done and are considering murder. Ezras, having experienced much mistreatment at the hands of a mage, is also rather angry at Halleor. Unfortunately, there is no time to deal with Nadia’s youngest son, instead, we all head to the meeting with Brogha

The offer is 10lbs of preserved meats per Spear, and enough furs for a cloak per 3 daggers. The exchange will occur every month, 2 days after the full moon at Druilden’s Hill. Our old pal Klaar will come back with us to learn the way. Happy with the deal, Brogha gifts us each a small pouch of Sha, 4 doses of the herb that allows night vision, at expense of bad diarrhea the following day. We give Brogha some Thurl in return and then we have a feast provided by the Hillfolk. Skagge accepts Klaar’s offer of some Hyam, a most amazing brew for providing energy and clarity.

After lunch we take Klaar to Druilden’s Hill, where Mord tries to motivate his folk into making the spears and daggers. He thinks they can make up to 8 spears a day, which would mean we can easily fulfull the 200 spears, 50 daggers order before spring, though Brogha assured us he would trade for as many as we can provide. Klaar and Skagge, full of vigour from the Hyam, lose patience with the proceedings and start an axe-throwing competition. While energetic, neither is particularly good. Eowa, interested primarily in the bare-chested Klaar, joined in and showed them both up with ease. After another meal and much ale (the Dwarves seem to have finally mastered their ale-making), Mord stays at the Hill and everyone else proceeds to Archel’s Farm. Klaar seems quite interested in the farm, we will have to speak with him about not-raiding it. All is peaceful there, so Klaar takes his leave and we continue back to Dispar, Mord will join up later.

Arriving at dusk, we see a huge bonfire in the centre of town, and a great many Northrons celebrating. Tolbjorn and Arvid are returned, along with 150 warriors. The party is in full swing, with much drinking, a slaughtered bullock over the bonfire, and a stack of furniture for firewood. Aeryth is despondent, believing all our efforts have gone to waste with this additional pillaging of the townsfolk. There are a few townsfolk celebrating with the Northrons, but the majority have barred themselves in their houses. We seek out Arvid’s mother Nisbit to see if she can be of assistance. She basically says, “stop worrying, let them party”. Aeryth and Ezras return to Elnost, Skagge and Eowa stay in Dispar. Eowa is feeling she needs to relax a little after last night, though also she wishes to keep a protective eye on the townsfolk lasses that have joined the Northron celebrations.

Skagge is still feeling the effects of the Hyam draught that Klaar gave him and gets caught up in the partying, though cannot seem to drink enough to get a buzz. Hyam is almost as awesome as Halleor! There will probably be a price in the morning. He encounters Arvid, and the two embrace, Arvid in his cups and enthusiastically telling of his adventures on his first raid as a Targ. Somehow Arvid and Skagge end up in a piggyback joust, cheered on by dozens of drunken warriors. Arvid, and later others, tell of how they were harried by Easterlings as they were returning to Rhudaur, losing more than 20 warriors to the attacks.

Skagge leaves Arvid and waits for Tolbjorn who is reportedly meeting with Halleor. They greet amiably, there were no hard feelings when Tolbjorn turned away from rescuing Nadia and there are no hard feelings now. Tolbjorn expresses his surprise at Nadia’s leaving Halleor in charge in her absence, and his belief that “Halleor had the Northron beat out of him when he was in Angmar”, thus alleviating fears that Halleor had charmed and controlled Tolbjorn. He says he does not anticipate any ill will between himself and Nadia.
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