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Re: The Unofficial Story so Far

Postby 3Dayrise » Sat Nov 18, 2017 5:23 pm

Placeholder for Session 36. Oct 14, 2017
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Re: The Unofficial Story so Far

Postby 3Dayrise » Sat Nov 18, 2017 5:26 pm

Session 36. Oct 14, 2017 Chez Kayahan. Potluck
To be entered later.

Session 37. Nov 11, 2017, chez Kayahan. All in attendance plus new member, José.

We return to Elnost with Aeryth, and task some Otari to take her to the House of Healing in Dispar. We don’t take her ourselves as there is a stranger waiting to see us. A white-haired southerner, covered in scars and speaking openly of magic, Ezras Asashan. He seeks us out for our connection to Maes Foul. [hopefully we’ll see Ezras’ background story posted soon]. Among other things, Ezras speaks of dire portents in his dreams, a Dark Shadow rising up from an alter and spreading to cover the valley.

As we are finishing our discussions with Ezras, another visitor arrives, a bare chested Hillman, Brogha! He has swum the river to get here to see us. He is rather excited and seems somewhat high, but he is here to enlist our aid for an action he is about to undertake. He wants us to provide him steel weapons, in return for food and assurance of peace for the next two raiding seasons. We assume he will assault Cameth Brin, though he does not say so outright. He alludes that it might also to be impress Wilda, though again, perhaps we are just making assumptions.

We promise to discuss it, and will meet him in 2 days with our response, after we have had a chance to speak with Nadia. Amongst ourselves, there is remarkable agreement to accept the offer, though our reasons for accepting are varied. Mord sees the economic opportunity, Skagge sees little risk for much gain, and Eowa is glad of the security additional food will bring. Ezras, having only just met us, offers no opinion.

Next morning, the Dunedain Lord, Indalor Halfans, approaches Aeryth in her hospital bed to offer his skills as an Administrator of the Angle. She promises to discuss it with her companions, which she does when we arrive. We tell her of Brogha and introduce her to Ezras. Ezras uses his magic to heal Aeryth. Sister Elyandris disproves of Aeyrth leaving the hospice but Aeryth joins us anyway. She has a horrible scar on her neck, but it doing well considering she was mostly dead just the previous day.

We go to see Nadia at the Golden Island but are intercepted by Halleor in the common room. He is particularly interested in speaking with Ezras. Halleor seems to recognizes Ezras, though Ezras does not know Halleor. We are concerned Halleor will learn of our dealings with Brogha, so make efforts to prevent Ezras speaking with him. Halleor works a charm on Ezras, making him believe he is a friend, so Eowa grabs Ezras and takes him outside while Skagge forces his brother to have a drink with him. Aeryth and Mord take the opportunity to meet with Nadia in her rooms. Nadia is looking unwell. She agrees to making a trade with Brogha, and tells us to make it happen. She mentions she is soon to set out for a 3-day reconnaissance of the surrounding farms in preparation of further resettlement of the Northrons from Dispar.

Mord and Aeryth return to the common room about the same time as Eowa and Ezras return. Halleor continues to insist on speaking alone with Ezras, so Skagge picks a fight with him, striking him in the face, while the others watch on, telling Ezras to ignore proceedings; the brothers do this all the time. Ezras decides to help his good friend Halleor and begins a spell which Aeryth fails to interrupt. Meanwile, Halleor has charmed Skagge into believing they are besties, but Ezras’ sleep spell catches Skagge unawares and he collapses to the floor in a slumber. Aeryth takes offense and strikes Halleor in the ribs, while Eowa and Mord continue to merely watch. Ezras comes to Halleor’s defence again, knocking Aeryth into dreamland just as she was expressing her newfound appreciation of Halleor’s great friendship.

Mord threatens Halleor with his war hammer, so Halleor backs off. He invites Ezras to come lunch with him later in the day, which Ezras happily accepts. Mord and Eowa wake up the two sleepers, and take them to the Grey Fox to try and get them back to their senses. Meanwhile, Aeryth, Skagge and Ezras discuss how AWESOME Halleor is! Mord and Eowa see no way to snap their companions back to reason, so eventually decide to just let them go to lunch with Halleor, and merely accompany them as chaperones.

Back at the Golden Island, Halleor was clearly expecting to be entertaining one lunch guest. He grudgingly allows the rest to stay, under the wary gaze of 6 attendant Northron bodyguards. Mord and Eowa briefly consider fighting, but Eowa was unwilling to risk bloodshed just one day before the full moon. Eowa leaves before any shenanigans can start, intent of getting to Tor Hall where she can remain safely caged until the full moon is past. Mord resigns himself to observing proceedings. Halleor interrogates Ezras, but he is primarily interested in Ezras’ dreams, he hardly cares about Brogha or any of our other plans. Halleor even suggests he has had similar dreams.

After lunch, and still feeling warm and fuzzy about Halleor, we split up. Aeryth goes to Indalor to accept his offer, the rest of us return to Elnost. Ezras and Skagge futilely try to make sense of Elesander’s notes regarding the food stores. Mord goes back to bed, still recovering from the orc ambush.

Eowa returns the next day, looking dishevelled and unrested, but claims she didn’t savage any locals in the night. Aeryth and Skagge have come to their senses, realizing exactly what Halleor has done and are considering murder. Ezras, having experienced much mistreatment at the hands of a mage, is also rather angry at Halleor. Unfortunately, there is no time to deal with Nadia’s youngest son, instead, we all head to the meeting with Brogha

The offer is 10lbs of preserved meats per Spear, and enough furs for a cloak per 3 daggers. The exchange will occur every month, 2 days after the full moon at Druilden’s Hill. Our old pal Klaar will come back with us to learn the way. Happy with the deal, Brogha gifts us each a small pouch of Sha, 4 doses of the herb that allows night vision, at expense of bad diarrhea the following day. We give Brogha some Thurl in return and then we have a feast provided by the Hillfolk. Skagge accepts Klaar’s offer of some Hyam, a most amazing brew for providing energy and clarity.

After lunch we take Klaar to Druilden’s Hill, where Mord tries to motivate his folk into making the spears and daggers. He thinks they can make up to 8 spears a day, which would mean we can easily fulfull the 200 spears, 50 daggers order before spring, though Brogha assured us he would trade for as many as we can provide. Klaar and Skagge, full of vigour from the Hyam, lose patience with the proceedings and start an axe-throwing competition. While energetic, neither is particularly good. Eowa, interested primarily in the bare-chested Klaar, joined in and showed them both up with ease. After another meal and much ale (the Dwarves seem to have finally mastered their ale-making), Mord stays at the Hill and everyone else proceeds to Archel’s Farm. Klaar seems quite interested in the farm, we will have to speak with him about not-raiding it. All is peaceful there, so Klaar takes his leave and we continue back to Dispar, Mord will join up later.

Arriving at dusk, we see a huge bonfire in the centre of town, and a great many Northrons celebrating. Tolbjorn and Arvid are returned, along with 150 warriors. The party is in full swing, with much drinking, a slaughtered bullock over the bonfire, and a stack of furniture for firewood. Aeryth is despondent, believing all our efforts have gone to waste with this additional pillaging of the townsfolk. There are a few townsfolk celebrating with the Northrons, but the majority have barred themselves in their houses. We seek out Arvid’s mother Nisbit to see if she can be of assistance. She basically says, “stop worrying, let them party”. Aeryth and Ezras return to Elnost, Skagge and Eowa stay in Dispar. Eowa is feeling she needs to relax a little after last night, though also she wishes to keep a protective eye on the townsfolk lasses that have joined the Northron celebrations.

Skagge is still feeling the effects of the Hyam draught that Klaar gave him and gets caught up in the partying, though cannot seem to drink enough to get a buzz. Hyam is almost as awesome as Halleor! There will probably be a price in the morning. He encounters Arvid, and the two embrace, Arvid in his cups and enthusiastically telling of his adventures on his first raid as a Targ. Somehow Arvid and Skagge end up in a piggyback joust, cheered on by dozens of drunken warriors. Arvid, and later others, tell of how they were harried by Easterlings as they were returning to Rhudaur, losing more than 20 warriors to the attacks.

Skagge leaves Arvid and waits for Tolbjorn who is reportedly meeting with Halleor. They greet amiably, there were no hard feelings when Tolbjorn turned away from rescuing Nadia and there are no hard feelings now. Tolbjorn expresses his surprise at Nadia’s leaving Halleor in charge in her absence, and his belief that “Halleor had the Northron beat out of him when he was in Angmar”, thus alleviating fears that Halleor had charmed and controlled Tolbjorn. He says he does not anticipate any ill will between himself and Nadia.
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Re: The Unofficial Story so Far

Postby 3Dayrise » Fri Dec 22, 2017 9:52 pm

Session 38. Chez Kehler-F0 Woodside. Dec 2, 2017. All in attendance. SBx2, BK, IP, JL

We begin immediately after the previous session. Mord is at Druildin’s Hill, trying to motivate his employees, and negotiating new contracts with them for their Ale & Iron work. Skagge is utterly exhausted (-75!) from his use of the Hiam moss. After a full day in bed, he has Riscen take him to Maes Foul in the ox cart where he spends the next few days in recovery. Aeryth, Eowa and Ezras work at resolving numerous administrative issues regarding the governance of Dispar & surrounds, including accepting Lord Indalor’s offer to act as lead bureaucrat for us. Somehow Aeryth accepts (for all the Brave Companions) to coordinate the Dispar Harvest Festival, including judging and awarding prizes for the various contests (from pies to archery). We (not Skagge) visit the Temple of Hengrist, hoping the altar there will trigger Ezras to recollect something from his dreams. It does not, though Mord is able to collect some of the abandoned orcish weapons to melt down for the steel.

Dispar seems to be flourishing. The influx of Northrons has brought prosperity to the Golden Island, Master Lorthin is expanding, building a 4th storey on the already impressive stone inn. Numerous merchants have been arriving from Fennas Druinen, though at present we are unsure if they are permanent or merely here for the festival. The new ferry is launched successfully by the Northrons. Skagge visits Nadia and manages to not-fight with her, possibly even having a touching mother-son moment. Nadia seems quite ill, bed ridden and only speaking in a coarse whisper, though so far she is still in control. Her people (Magnus) dismisses the idea of foul play (poison) as likely, merely reiterates that she is ill and her healers have seen to her (but not Sister Elyandris or the local healers).

The day of the festival arrives. Mord and Ezras judge the pie bake. Aeryth judges the Archery. Eowa and Mord enter the log-rolling competition. Skagge refuses to participate, instead he disguises himself and mingles with the crowds, intent on discovering any enemy agents among the revellers. The festival is a success. Mord’s kin have arrived with free beer for all, bringing barrels of Merry Mordhau Ale, Three Hammer Stout, Akali’s Beard Red Ale, an Apple brandy and Druildin’s Deep Whiskey. As the evening progresses with much music, dancing and drinking, a Northron approaches Mord, desperate to get his attention: A local maiden is in trouble behind the barns with some Northron warriors. Mord follows quickly, summoning Eowa, Ezras and Aeryth and they hurriedly follow the Northron. Away from the festivities, on the edge of town they round the corner of a small building to see two figures struggling on the ground. As Aeryth and Eowa break into a sprint, 2 nets drop on them from the roof above. We walked straight into a trap!

Aeryth’s speed allows her to easily dodge the netting, but Ezras, Mord and Eowa are entangled. Two xbow bolts fly out of the darkness towards Aeryth, both missing her as the others struggle to escape the nets. The two figures have stopped their charade and approach; Orcs with daggers drawn. Kolfe shouts from somewhere in the dark “We have you, surrender!”

Have we ever surrendered to Orcs? Kolfe will never learn. Mord rips his way free of the netting. Aeryth shoots an orc in the leg, and takes a scratch from a dagger thrust in return. Ezras doesn’t even try to wrestle out of the netting, he concentrates on a spell. Kolfe repeats his demand, “Surrender of Die!”. Ezras completes his spell, crushing the two orcs in a vacuum cloud. Kolfe can be heard, “OK, we do this the hard way” and from the darkness Nozag throws a ball of ice, centred on Aeryth. She falls screaming, a shattered femur and serious bleeding, while Mord, Eowa and Ezras get hurt and severely stunned by the blast of cold.

Aeryth, lying on the ground, fires her bow blindly into the dark where she thinks Nozag is hiding. Mord frees Eowa from the netting, and she ‘wolfs’ only to be hit with arrows from two Ranger-archers on the roof, tearing tendons in Eowolf’s foreleg. As the archers on the roof continue to fire at Mord & Eowolf, Ezras casts a vacuum on them, hitting them both.

Mord trips on the netting and gets himself tangled up for a few rounds [at this point he is regretting using his re-roll on a ‘trading ale’ roll earlier!]. Kolfe approaches Aeryth who is crawling on the ground but Ezras manages to lock his knee with a spell, severely impeding his movement. Two orcs come for Ezras from the dark, having abandoned their crossbows. Ezras touches one in the chest, collapsing its lungs, killing it instantly. The two archers recover from the vacuum spell and jump down to engage Ezras and he touch-of-disruption destroys one of the archer’s knees while he is in mid-jump. Nozag can be heard casting again, “Ibrak Cardoom!” and an ice bolt strikes Ezras in the back, knocking him unconscious. Meanwhile Eowolf defends Aeryth from Kolfe. Eowolf and Aeryth continue to battle Kolfe, though none of the three can land a telling blow. Aeryth attacking from the ground as her leg cannot support her, Eowolf hindered by her arrow wound and Kolfe hindered by Ezras’ spell.

Mord finally recovers his footing when Nozag can be heard again, “Ibrak Cardoom!”. This ice bolt strikes the hapless dwarf square in the chest, stopping his heart. Mord drops instantly.

Skagge finally arrives. Having taken Sha, he has no problem seeing in the dark. He shoots an arrow at Nozag but the arrow is magically turned aside. He drops his bow and rushes Nozag, who casts an ice bolt at him. Skagge dives into a roll, evading the spell. Nozag fearfully orders the remaining Orc to protect him as Skagge approaches with sword drawn.

Nozag casts a portal and passes through. Skagge examines the gate to try and discern what is on the other side before he commits to jumping though, only to discover Nozag hiding "behind" his illusion. Skagge skewers him and turns his attention to the last remaining orcish guard, quickly finishing it off.

Kolfe recovers from Ezras’ spell and realizing he risks personal danger, he flees, the one remaining Northern Ranger close on his heels. Eowolf chases, but she is bleeding and wounded so is forced to let them escape. Ezras has magicked himself to consciousness and checks on Mord – the dwarf is dead, so Ezras moves to check on Aeryth, who is alive, but also in need of immediate medical attention.

End Session.

Skagge spares a brief glance towards the fleeing Kolfe, then quickly begins searching through the herb pouch he carries. He applies a poultice of Carcatu to Mord’s wound, then forces a Siran clove down Mord’s throat. Mord will survive, though must spend some time at the House of Healing.

We recover the following from the vanquished (straight from the Balrog):
The ranger you killed wears what Ezras calls "boots of far travel" - after 1 week of attunement (or a successful staves/wands roll), allow the wearer to run without tiring for 1 hour, 1/day. Nozag carried on him an ornate necklace of bones and teeth, with a blue crystal at the heart, which acts as a x2 essence power point multiplier. The Uruk carried a large tower shield with a rune engraved on it. The rune may be activated once to cast the Deflections spell)-100 to a missile weapon within 100 feet) and then fades away.

In addition, the ranger and orcs have the following in their pouches

35 silver pieces
18 bronze pieces

Galenas - 6 doses
Draaf - 6 doses
Harwite - 1 does
Golden Cress - 2 doses
blue eyes - 2 doses

Otherwise, the ranger carried a +5 non-magic shortbow and shortsword.
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Re: The Unofficial Story so Far

Postby Ash » Sat Dec 23, 2017 12:08 am

Postscript to Session 38

“I said, my heart’s just fine lass, now lay off for the love of Aule” Mord calls out as he bats away the well-meaning tower attendant clothed in a stained white tunic. “It’s ale I be needin’ not this pisswater you’ve been feeding me for the last sevenday”. With a grunt he slips off the straw pallet in the cell beside the former Governor’s suite, feeling the old stone wall with his hand. The first few days after the battle with Nozag are still hazy, slipping in and old of cold-filled dreams and Mordhau is surprised that it is still only Fall when he finally comes to his senses, a great bruise across his chest, with a pink scar where the orc sorceror’s ice lance transpierced his chest.

“Yes, thank you, the bone does appear to have knit well. I am in your debt Sister Elyandris, for your many kindnesses”. Aeryth stands on top of the tower of Elnost, having climbed the steps for the first time in two weeks after an amazingly rapid recovery in the care of the older woman at her side. Below them, the river Mitheithel crashes against the rocks near the edge of the ravine before disappearing in the mists to the south. Many fires are lit in Dispar and the surrounding camps in the cool chill of early October, though the camps have largely emptied as the migrating Northrons have spread out to raise simple shelters to survive their first winter here in the Angle, relying in great part on the food the Elasander accumulated for them, much of it still held in the tower storerooms beneath them.

Skagge trudges up the road from the town after another frustrating discourse with Halleor about care for their mother, suffering from an undiagnosed wasting disease, though seemingly on the mend now. The escort of four guardsmen watch the ridgeline carefully, even though it is still full day. Since the attack the night of the harvest fair, Lieutenant Jarvin has insisted the companions do not travel alone. Skagge resisted at first, but eventually conceded, to save Jarvin from embarrassing himself by getting down on his knees. In a fight with Kolfe, these guardsmen would be of no use, he thinks, and would only slow down his escape.

The strange looking southerner, Ezras, accompanies the young woman warrior Eowa back from a trip to Wolf Hall, a trip to oversee the work a young cabinetmaker newly arrived has been undertaking in her new dwelling. Ezras had his own reasons for travelling with her, and he was not disappointed. In the privacy of Wolf Hall, he was able to conduct a ritual he had learned from his father, scribing the ancient symbols on the floor, and lighting the candles and herbs at the right points of power. With his mind in an altered state, Ezras focused on the strange dream that he had had some weeks ago, a haunting memory. Through new eyes, he was able to relive the experience, eyes not in his body. In the valley, old trees cover over the old stone ruins, gnarled roots entwined around marble slabs. In a clearing there is a round stone wall, the domed roof of the building still intact. From the low set doors leading down into the earth, a hissing blackness, moving like a solid fog slips out and into the forest, spreading. The dream flashes for an instant, and he sees towers rising from a great keep in a well cultivated valley, and flying from many banners, a golden throne on a field of grass, but above them all, the lidless eye.

October 3rd. The companions are gathered in Elasander’s audience hall, seated around the map table (or so Aeryth calls it). The town of Dispar has been peaceful since the Harvest Fair; the story of Orcs in the very town have chilled some of the more ardent flames in the townsfolk, who now see the new arrivals in a new light. The Northrons have requested the rest of the food be handed over now. The arrivals of new settlers has more or less ended, and many of the northrons have been assigned land, or simply wandered off to stake out their own. Many huts have been erected in or near the town for new merchants or craftspeople, here to take advantage of the influx of people and wealth.

A soft knock interrupts the discussion about their next move, and Jarvin steps inside. A handsome black-haired man, but young, and still ill at ease with his new responsibilities.

“Pardon the interruption, but a traveller is newly-arrived, a ranger who comes through from time to time to speak with the governor. He doesnt sem to know the news, that Elasander is murdered and gone, but I thought perhaps, I could bring him to see you instead? He waits in the hallway outside, and I know him by the name Timorian”
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Re: The Unofficial Story so Far

Postby 3Dayrise » Sun Dec 31, 2017 9:34 pm

Session 39. Dec26, 2017. Chez Kayahan. All in attendance

T.A.1641 October 3.
Jarvin admits the traveller Timorian. A hard man in patchwork leathers, his grey hair held back in a single braid. Cagey about his reasons for seeking Elesander, we pump him for information (and pretty much tell him everything we know).

Timorian comes from the north with news of Mashbran’s loss of power and descent to madness. Mashbran rules only the immediate surrounds of Cameth Brin, supported by a motley militia of Dunlending refugees. He is increasingly disturbed by dreams and often wanders his tower mumbling to himself about having to kill a turtle.

Timorian also speaks of a young upstart, Arfenhil, rousing the Dunlending folk to the East. Timorian dismisses Arfenhil and his meagre forces as a strange occurrence but no threat to Cameth Brin.

Timorian knows of Kolfe and Harlouinar. At our naming them 'Rangers of the North', he suggests ‘Assassins’ is a better title (we suspect he might be a ‘proper’ ranger). He has no knowledge of where to find them and explains they are experts at moving & hiding in the north. Timorian knows nothing substantial of the Warlord of Cardolan nor of Ethkali, the Dark Mage of Rhudaur. Timorian stays the night then moves on, never revealing his allegiances nor his destination.

T.A. 1641 Oct 4
We spend far too much time discussing what to do next.

Administrator Indalor comes to tell Aeryth of rumours he has been hearing concerning Northron stragglers recently arrived. Rumours of black winged humanoids, death by night and pale shrivelled corpses. We interview a Northron family who claims firsthand knowledge, Nya and Bjorn. They tell us of their terrifying dreams of dark humanoids with black feathered wings, like those of a swan or raven. One of the figures carries a huge two handed blade. They and their children were spared, but in the morning some of the other refugees are dead, exsanguinated and shrivelled, lying where they lay down to sleep. Nya tells us this happened along Men-ei Roman, the Great East Road. From her description, it sounds like they were camped near a tower ruin we know well, a camp we used ourselves, with our companions Gilly and Duras, may they rest in peace.

As we return to Elnost, three riders approach from the north. A Dunedain lord, his squire and servant. Fearnir of Tinavi is kin to Elesander, come to collect his belongings. Fearnir, a corpulent, slightly slovenly, minor noble is attended by the youthful and pretty squire Belineal and his long-suffering manservant Balwur. He accompanies us to Elnost. He is of the Eketta family (Elesander’s family). It is somewhat strange he has arrived before any official news from Fornost Erain. We turn over Elesander’s personal effects, having first made copies of some of his journals. Mord and Aeryth spend the evening discussing details with Fearnir before finally tasking Bulwur and Indalor to work out the specifics. Skagge, Eowa and Ezras had long ago left for the Grey Fox for a more enjoyable evening.

T.A. 1641 Oct 7-8.
Fearnir departs. Aeryth says goodbye to Belineal, whom she has befriended during their sparring sessions. She then speaks quietly to Bulwur, pressing a couple silvers into his hand thinking the overworked servant deserves some reward for his efforts.

That evening, Eowa discovers the papers we had copied are missing, someone has picked the locks and taken them. We determine to follow Fearnir, with mind to apprehend him as thief if he is implicated, or to warn him of potential theft if otherwise. Mord does not accompany us as he has returned to Druildin’s Hill to oversee the weaponcraft, our first exchange of daggers-for-food is in a few days.

Taking 5 Otari guard, we ride all night, catching Fearnir as they are breaking camp. Fearnir appears surprised at the loss of the papers. A thorough search reveals the originals are also missing. Eowa and Aeryth search the camp as Fearnir looks on with rising ire at the impertinence. Skagge stands aside, watching to ensure there is no ambush while Ezras looks for an opportunity to ‘befriend’ Fearnir without the Otari noticing his spellcasting. Eowa finds a fine set of lockpicks hidden in Bulwur’s saddle, but otherwise there is nothing to be found. Fearnir refuses to have his person searched, and looks to the Otari to support his right as a nobleman to be left unmolested by a commoner such as Aeryth or Eowa. Ezras notes the large amount of fine ash in the firepit and we all realize there is nothing to be done. If Fearnir had the journal and wanted it destroyed, he has had ample opportunity.

Fearnir departs. We rest a few hours then return to Elnost by evening.

T.A.1641 Oct 10

The alarm bells ring at Elnost as a force of 60 riders approaches. Rindathor Tarma with his grand-nephew Garanthor, to be seated as Governor, an official writ from King Argeleb II putting him in charge. We are relieved not to be arrested. Garanthor appears to be an unlikeable, aloof Dunedain, but perhaps time will tell how he fares as Governor. Aeryth wrings her hands over the situation, worried the uneasy alliances will disintegrate once Garanthor takes control but we are dismissed from all duties so go to Dispar to see what the Northron response will be.

Arriving at the Golden Island, we are invited to the Northron Council. Nadia is still abed, unaware of the situation. Magnus, Halleor, and the clan chiefs are there. Aeryth talks them down from assaulting Elnost immediately. She and Eowa refuse to take sides in a battle between allies. Ezras professes loyalty to the Brave Companions’ wishes. Skagge considers the options, but seeing no easy way to open the gates of Elnost, he admits he prefers not to become an enemy of Arthedain, for which he is much derided by Halleor. We think we have convinced Magnus and the others that the force of 60 Dunedain is of no significant threat, the Northrons can leave them in the tower and nullify their presence, while the foods provided by Brogha’s folk will offset the loss of the stores still held in Elnost.

Skagge’s man, Marku, arrives from Maes Foul with a message from Ascarnil, the foul mouthed Rivendel half-elf. It is terse and uninformative, “Why haven’t you done what you promised?”. Skagge returns to Maes Foul, taking Ezras along, it is much changed since Ezras was last there under Caldamir’s rule. Eowa departs for Tor Hall, needing to be safely locked away for the full moon on Oct 12th.

T.A.1641 Oct 12-13.
Eowa returns to Tor Hall, safely returning to Dispar on the 13th, having spent the night of the full moon in her own home.

Skagge & Ezras also return, having visited Kisu and determined what Ascarnil was up to. They tell everyone that Ascarnil had reminded Kisu of the Brave Companion’s promise [not sure we actually promised] to search out the orcs and Easterling mage who sought to unearth the Elf Bane. Ascarnil did not tell Kisu where he would be, but that his trail would be easy to follow. It sounded like he would be somewhere along the Great East Road. When questioned about the creatures in Nya’s dreams, Kisu was reminded of vampires, though the wings were new to her. She tells us silvered weapons may be effective against them.

T.A.1641 Oct 14
The trading at Druildin’s Hill is successful. Mord and his kin had the weapons ready. Klaar was true to his word, bringing food and furs for the exchange, he seemed pleased with the Dwarves’ work. He also gifted Skagge with 3 doses of Hiam moss. Tolbjorn arrived with 15 Northrons to negotiate additional trading with the Hillfolk, which seemingly was successful though Mord believes the amount of ore available is limiting [to be negotiated between sessions]. Gilly’s brother Galwyn was returned to us, and we decide to settle him at the Archel’s while we go investigate the rumoured vampires and catch up to Ascarnil. We delay a day to allow Mord’s kin a chance to silver some weapons for us, but are otherwise prepared to set off.
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