Article on D&D in the new yorker

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Article on D&D in the new yorker

Postby Ash » Tue Oct 24, 2017 6:54 pm

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Re: Article on D&D in the new yorker

Postby snaggle2th » Fri Oct 27, 2017 12:12 pm

This article was touted a few days ago by people from Wizards and other places, but I found it pretty unsatisfying. I am always on the lookout for the D&D article in a mainstream source that I could show to someone who wasn't a gamer, and they would come away with a positive impression--or even want to give it a try. I wouldn't show a friend this article. The writer seemed to think it was important to enumerate every negative stereotype of gamers over the years. These stereotypes were not refuted, or given any counter-argument, but rather reported as fact in the tone of a sociologist trying to explain some aberrant behaviour. Particularly egregious is the quote from Mazes & Monsters:
At the end of the 1982 TV movie “Mazes and Monsters,” a troubled gamer, played by a pre-fame Tom Hanks, loses touch and starts to believe that he really does live beside an evil wood in need of heroes. “He saw the monsters. We did not,” his ex-girlfriend says in a voice-over. “We saw nothing but the death of hope, and the loss of our friend.”

The quote is just left to hang there, without any context other than it scared parents.

If your response is that there's lots of positive stuff in the article, look again and ask yourself if D&D had any positive effect before about 2012. You will have to squint hard.

I was surprised and disappointed to find out at the end that the writer is an active RPGer (Spoiler!).
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