Welcome to the Events Forum. Read me first!

This forum is for announcing events like Meet Ups, Conventions, Game Days, Pub Nights, UFC gatherings and the like

Welcome to the Events Forum. Read me first!

Postby BunnyPuncher » Thu Sep 28, 2006 1:11 am

This forum is for the announcement of events hosted by not-for-profit groups only. Any event hosted within the premises of, or under the direct sponsorship or control of a brick and mortor FLGS (Friendly Local Gaming Store) should be posted in the Retailer Events forum.

If the event sponsor also sells product in any way on a regular basis for profit, they should also post in the Retailer Events forum.

This forum is for grassroots, community based activity only!

For events with a regular schedule (weekly dreamblade, ddm, magic tournaments etc.) please post a detailed event description. I will review and "sticky" regular events so there will be no need to continually post the same info.

For all events, please ensure you provide full details - date, time, location, format, entry fee etc.

If you are having an event and want the local community to know, drop it here!
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