Season Opener/ Regional Event - Nero Armonia LARP

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Season Opener/ Regional Event - Nero Armonia LARP

Postby Rayne » Sat Mar 29, 2014 11:20 am

Hey there, I wish I'd been able to remember this site earlier as it seems like there is a good presence, but better later than never I suppose!

Anyway, I'd just like to pass along the announcement (I would be a player, not an actual "affiliate") of the new season for a local LARP called NERO Armonia, one of two Canadian chapters of the New England Role Playing Organization. It's a long running game with a story stretching back to when it was first being played by the creators back in their college/university years and became established as an organization in the early 90s.

Currently there happens to be Nero Armonia in Nova Scotia, and Nero New Brunswick operating out of Fredericton, the latter of which has been running for over a decade. The game features boffer weapon (foam/tape/plastic piping) combat, and is slowly introducing latex weaponry to help improve the overall aesthetic of the game.

The event I would like to let y'all know about in particular is going to be from April 18-21st, beginning roughly 6-8pm (as people get tents/gear/food areas setup) on the 18th and ending at 3pm on the 21st.

For those curious about the rules, the 9th Edition rulebook and Errata are available here:

It features the various races you can portray, classes, the magic system (Vancian-esque) and tips on constructing weapons and appropriate roleplay.

This is the Nero Armonia website:

Now, the cost of attending the opener is listed as $135(Preregistered) or $150(At the Door), but there is a discount for first time players and you are able to reconfigure your character following the event if you felt like you would prefer a different playstyle.

If you have any questions, I'd love to answer them here, PM or even meet for a beer and explain to y'all face-to-face how awesome this is!

Anyway, I hope I've garnered a little interest!
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