Star Wars LCG Regionals

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Star Wars LCG Regionals

Postby NoOneCanStopMrDomino » Thu Jul 17, 2014 10:16 pm

Star Wars Regionals will be at the board room this Sunday:

Feel the power of the Force in the Maritimes! Join in to participate in the Star Wars Regional Championships! For a $5 entry fee, you get the chance to win:

One acrylic Regional 2014 trophy and one certificate granting the winner a bye at a National Championship

Four double-sided, spot-glossed affiliation cards featuring Smugglers and Spies and Scum and Villainy

Eight Regional Top 8 playmats

Sixteen packs of ten acrylic damage tokens (five "ones" and five "threes")

Sixty-four alternate art cards

All players are expected to arrive at 10:15 am and to be familiar with the tournament rules (found here: http://www.fantasyfl...eidm=175&esem=4)

I will be bringing all my cards and extra sleeves for people who may show up last minute we have 10 confirmed players coming to the event with around +4 maybes. This is a great game if you enjoy card games and really captures the extended universe of Star Wars (that their sadly ignoring for the movies)
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