5e campaign Diablo flavour! Eastern Passage/Dartmouth

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5e campaign Diablo flavour! Eastern Passage/Dartmouth

Postby Nigeyboy27 » Mon May 14, 2018 9:13 pm

Hello fellow tabletop gamers!
I have returned! Looking for 2-3 more players for a homebrew 5th edition campaign set in the Tal'Dorei world setting (Matt Mercer + Critical Role world concept) with elements borrowed from the Diablo 1-3 series of video games (mostly flavour, not weapons or playstyles).
Currently have potentially 2 people interested. One has shown interest in some sort of rogue/ninja/druid multiclass (his words, going to try to work with it). The other person wants to wait and see what people would like to pick as characters. His preference would be something with archery if that matters.
World Setting: basically the current kingdom is falling on hard times. Magic is viewed as dangerous and outlawed in most places except the current kingdom, where it is somewhat tolerated. People blame other races and fey-folk for their troubles. There is potential war on the border and suddenly the king's youngest son goes missing in the catacombs beneath the temple of Pelor!
Starting level is 2nd level character with some small homebrew elements such as extra backstories and expanded "flavours" of existing character classes (hopefully nothing too unbalanced).
Some info about me: I've been running tabletop games since 2000. Familiar with AD&D, 3.0, 3.5, Pathfinder, Earthdawn, FFD20 (final fantasy d20) and currently learning 5th (this will be my first attempt at this version). Most of my campaigns have lasted 2 years or more. LGBT2Q+ friendly
Preferably looking for people who are interested in story as much as killing things. My last few pathfinder games have ended with me frustrated that the players were too power gamery. (I am too generous)
Possible days: Fridays or Saturdays 4-5 hours. Preferably late afternoon to early evening (before 11).
Possible Locations: New game store opening in Woodside area (near the ferry terminal, called HFX Games) or can host but it is in Eastern Passage. Car pooling is possible but gas isn't free! I am waiting for the new store to open to see if gaming would be possible in that location. Buses do run near both locations.
Anyone with minis or terrain would be bonus. We have some minis and map tiles here.
If you are interested, please contact me ASAP! :)
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